MassGeneral Birth Photography | Remembering every detail…

Meeting this family was such a blast. We had great chats on the phone, and then a really nice coffee together –

Brigham & Women’s Hospital Boston Gentle C-Section Identical Twin Birth

I met the most amazing couple. Kind, warm, fun – and expecting identical twins! Ever since the girls were born, I


One of the best parts of a birth that is so beautiful (and there are SO many!) is watching a laboring mama surrounded

Interview with a Birth Client | Thoughts AFTER hiring a birth photographer

I’m sure that the decision to hire a birth photographer is filled with questions that only someone who has

Josephine’s Birth Story | South Shore Hospital Birth Photography

I was blessed to photograph Joey while still in her mama’s belly (HERE)  and so it was extra special that I was

The Gratitude Collaborative

I little while ago a friend introduced me to The Gratitude Collaborative.  What a joy to see a stream of images and

A Home Water Birth (with 5 siblings and a lot of love!)

What a whirlwind of excitement, emotion, and amazing support! Every image I look at from this birth is oozing love. and

A home birth photo slideshow

A home birth photo slideshow is a wonderful way to compile your favorite birth photos into a story that you can watch

Singing through labor

This is an absolutely astounding labor… Temple has the most gorgeous voice, and what a beautiful, treasured way

Calming, soothing herbal bath for newborn and mama

What won me over about herbal baths was not their health benefits, but the amazing eye contract and expressions on a

Annabelle’s Gentle Home Water Birth

I got the text at 7:45am Tuesday morning. Mama had mentioned she was drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea the week before,

Newborn photography with a birth package!

One of the perks of being a birth photography client is that you get first dibs at newborn sessions, and you get them

Fresh48 Sessions

I’m SO excited about this new type of session I’m offering – Fresh48 Sessions.  While birth

Enter to win a Newborn Session & other great prizes

I am so excited to host this contest and its fabulous prizes. Remember, you MUST live within the Boston/South Shore

Introduction to a Doula – Paige St. Cyr

8** Update: Paige has since moved out of the area :(  *** I would love to introduce you to a great resource for your